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“Nitrogen and sulfur play hand in hand and in our sandy soils when we know we can’t keep either one of those around because of movement through water, we’ve learned to apply more than one time for nitrogen and sulfur both…” – Betsy Bower, agronomist, Indiana

Betsy Bower may be a household name amongst farmers in her home state of Indiana. As a long-time agronomist with Ceres Solutions, she’s helped scores of farmers with nutrient management, crop protection, irrigation and all manner of cropping issues while implementing conservation measures such as no-till and cover crops. A true problem-solver, Bower was named a No-Till Innovator Award winner in 2016 by No-Till Farmer.

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast series, we caught up with Betsy to get an agronomist’s viewpoint on no-till and cover crops. Join us as she talks about her approach to working with farmers as they tackle issues like soil loss, compaction, nutrient retention and timing of nutrient applications, residue management, finding positive solutions in the face of adverse weather, adopting new practices and much more.







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