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More On The Ultra-Narrow Row Corn Controversies

There’s no easy answer, but more farmers are finding benefits to slimming down row widths.
Based on his own experiences and those of other farmers, universities and seed companies who have made direct comparisons of 15- and 30-inch rows, Marion Calmer sees a half dozen major advantages to switching to ultra-narrow row corn.
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Grow 18% More Silage!

As narrow row corn moves from an idea to mainstream practices, this extension agent says narrower rows are your best bet for no-till silage.
Even if you're brand-new to the no-till corn scene, you're well aware of the row spacing debate. Some folks swear 30-inch corn is the best spacing. Others are staunch defenders of the 15- or 20-inch plan. And still others maintain 7-inch twin rows is the wave of the future and we might as well get used to it.
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Too Big For Conventional Britches

Here’s what one no-tiller did when conventional tillage became ridiculously inefficient.
Mike Linnehan had a problem. Fortunately, it was a problem that most other no-tillers would consider a kind of blessing. His farm in Sparta, Wis., was getting too big - and conventional tilling just wasn't cutting it anymore.
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