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High Hopes for Lowly Pond Scum

Pond scum generally isn't looked upon kindly. But new research shows that inoculating crop soils with microalgae known as cyanobacteria can offer several benefits, including naturally fertilizing the soil, replenishing its store of organic matter and binding soil particles together so that they're less prone to erosion, says the Agricultural Research Service (ARS).
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Trials Identify Superior Fava Beans for Cover Cropping in the West

The fava bean is a frost tolerant, saline tolerant, nitrogen-fixing legume that has cool season and warm season varieties, produces abundant biomass and has a stout, erect growth. With a wide spectrum of forms and genetic traits, it can be tricky to find the variety best adapted for a specific area, but recent research from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service is helping to pinpoint the best options for growers in the West.
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With Long-Term Hotter Weather Coming, No-Till Should Be Able To Take The Heat And Help Growers Maintain Yields With Anticipated Climate Change Challenges

In the middle of a very hot and dry summer, such as occurred in many areas during 2013, no-tillers quickly recognize the residue covering the soil is normally cooler and wetter than with soils found in conventionally-tilled fields. They recognize that reducing stress on their no-tilled crops is a major benefit when summer weather turns hot and dry.
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No-Till Will Play Role in Battling Climate Change

Nearly 80% of Americans believe temperatures are definitely on the rise. Yet, very few members of the general public understand the key role that no-tillage will play in battling global warming over the next 90 years.
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