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No-Till Notes

Find Out Which No-Till Acres Are Making You Money

Using a spreadsheet can help you determine the cost of production on individual fields, ask landlords for rent adjustments and determine what your crop marketing price must be to stay profitable.
AS COMMODITY prices are falling, it’s a good time to review your cost-of-production figures. You can do this on a whole-farm basis, but it’s even more beneficial to do it on individual fields or groups of fields.
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Maximizing Nitrogen Uptake In Soybeans

After talking with many farmers throughout Ohio during this years Extension meetings, one common question keeps popping up: What about nitrogen application to soybean? Yes, soybean plants have high nitrogen requirements due to the high protein content of grain. On average, approximately 4 pounds of nitrogen is removed per bushel of grain.
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Earlier Planting Dates Key For Higher Soybean Yields

Many times the differences in attaining higher net income for soybean producers can be directly tied to the timing of planting. Recent research showed yields averaged approximately 1/3 bushel per acre less for every day planting was delayed.
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Strip Away No-Till Corn Challenges

This Farmer Says strip-till turned troublesome no-till corn into a highly consistent money-making opportunity.
No-tillers in the Corn Belt have different opinions about different practices. But one thing no one will disagree about is no-till corn, and how much more effort this crop takes to produce when compared to no-tilling soybeans.
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