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Measuring Droplets

EPA Focus on Drift Reduction Shifts to New Rules on Labels

With herbicide-tolerant cropping systems using 2,4-D and dicamba coming to the market, the EPA is taking great lengths to ensure growers and pesticide applicators do everything possible to reduce spray drift.
No-tillers interested in using Dow AgroSciences’ new 2,4-D, glyphosate herbicide, Enlist Duo, may have noticed something new on the label — very specific instructions on how to apply the product, along with a list of nozzles and their respective maximum operating pressures.
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Tankmixes: The Future Of Weed Control Is Here

No-tillers can protect herbicide effectiveness and control weeds by using diverse modes of action and the correct adjuvants.
As no-tillers learn to reduce their exclusive dependence on glyphosate for weed control, their operation’s future profitability may depend on their ability to tankmix herbicides with diverse modes of action.
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