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Table 1. Identifying features that distinguish among downy brome, Japanese brome, and cheat.

Preemergence Herbicide Set to Reemerge

Since the introduction of Roundup Ready crops in the mid- to late-1990s, postemergence herbicides have played an increasing role in weed control for many crops including corn, soybean, cotton and wheat.
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Three Keys To Controlling Weeds With Cover Crops

A weed scientist shares why effective cover crop termination, choice of weeds a grower is targeting and being mindful of herbicide carryover are crucial for controlling weeds with covers.

When a no-tiller decides to add a cover crop to his farm system, there may be a number of results he’s hoping to achieve, and weed control is likely one of them.

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Steer Clear Of Fall Strip-Till Gaffes

Manufacturers share the most common errors producers make when strip-tilling in the field — and explain how to avoid them.
Strip-till remains an up-and-coming management practice being used by more growers each season. But because it’s a new technique for many producers — and one that requires a high degree of management — it’s easy to make mistakes.
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