Corn yields definitely appear to be worse overall than what our No-Till Farmer readers thought they'd be earlier in the summer.

Leverich CornOur poll question on the subject that was open from Sept. 16 to Oct. 15 showed that 63% anticipate their yields are worse than what they hoped for a few months ago. Just 15% said they were better than anticipated and the other 22% said they were right in line.

My trip last week to Miles City, Mont., revealed that the northern tier of states saw some blockbuster yields. One grower in North Dakota and three in Wisconsin — including No-Till Farmer columnist Jim Leverich — were beaming about their corn. In fact, below you can see a photo of Jim harvesting corn last week, just before sunset.

The one solace for those no-tillers who aren't pleased with their corn yields is that grain prices have been soaring in recent weeks, meaning they will still come out in good shape.

Of course, if you're a livestock or hog producer, you may not be too excited about that.