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Auto-Steer, Field Mapping Most Popular Precision Technologies for No-Tillers

More than half of farmers who responded to the 14th annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study plan to use auto-steer, field mapping and yield monitor data on their farms this year.
Use of precision agriculture technology continues to increase among no-till farmers, a demographic that experts say has a strong history as early adopters of farming technology
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Take a Systems Approach to No-Till Soil Health

North Carolina no-tiller Russell Hedrick uses methodical soil testing to improve soil health and reduce inputs.
Years of on-farm experimentation have paid off for Russell Hedrick, a first-generation farmer in Hickory, N.C. Thanks to his systematic soil testing and willingness to experiment, he saved himself more than $100,000 on inputs in 2021.
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No-Till Passport Series

Why No-Till Is the Future of Agriculture

Professor at Thai university makes the case for conservation agriculture as the solution to producing more food with less arable land.

While the situation of the world’s soils is dire, there is a solution to bring degraded agricultural land back from the brink: No-till and conservation agriculture. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries

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Gabriel Carballal No-Till Uruguay.png
No-Till Passport Series

Health of the World Depends on Farmers’ Investment in Soil

Uruguayan no-tiller says no-till improves soil health to meet the challenge of growing more food with less land.

Uruguayan no-tiller Gabriel Carballal knows a crop’s success or failure starts with the soil. That’s why the award-winning no-till advocate and farmer believes no-till is the best farming method for the world. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries.

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Feed Earthworms, Improve Yields By Chopping Residue

Veteran no-tiller Marion Calmer uses earthworms to manage residue in his Alpha, Ill., no-till system.
Marion Calmer sees residue as either an asset or a liability — depending on how you manage it.  Calmer, the longtime no-tiller and ag entrepreneur from Alpha, Ill., has been conducting on-farm research since 1985 when he first started no-tilling.
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Michaela Paukner

3 Ways Cover Crops Improve Soil Health

From the depths of a soil pit, it’s clear how cover crops and no-tillage benefit overall soil health. Michael Patin, a district conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Jamie Patton, senior outreach specialist of nutrient and pest management at the University of Wisconsin, share how cover crops can improve your soil health. 

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No-Till Passport Series

British Farmer Switches to No-Till to Save Money on Rising Input Costs

A conservation agriculture program led to a 25% reduction in nitrogen applications and a 33% reduction in fuel and labor costs for farmer Paul Temple.

Faced with growing input costs and declining subsidies, British farmer Paul Temple switched to no-tillage to make his operation more profitable. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries.

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John Phillips No-Till Mung Beans Philippines.jpg
No-Till Passport Series

Farmer's No-Till 'Garden of Eden' Thrives in Philippines

Using no-till and no commercial fertilizers, the American expat and his family grow dozens of crops on the more than 30-acre farm.

John Phillips, formerly of Bloomsburg, Penn., lives on a more than 30-acre farm in Batangas, Philippines, with his wife and 10-year-old daughter. They grow dozens of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and flowers using no-till and natural farming methods. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries.

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Li Hongwen China Conservation Tillage Research Team Director.jpeg
No-Till Passport Series

Chinese No-Till Research Team Studies No-Till, Develops Equipment Prototypes

The Conservation Tillage Research Team has been studying no-till and other conservation tillage methods on China's lands for decades. The team's work has led to the publication of more than 200 papers and development of more than 30 equipment prototypes. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries.

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