Keys To Healthy No-Till Soils

Increasing organic matter and proper timing of nitrogen application are key to maintaining healthy soils.
When our forefathers first sailed to this country and started working American soil for food, they had no idea that their methods were actually hurting the productivity of the soil. After all, the vast prairies of this continent had millions of years to build up proper carbon, nitrogen and potassium levels. If tilling the soil was actually draining those nutrients and hurting its productivity, it certainly wasn’t apparent to early settlers.
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Finally, An Answer To The Greenhouse Effect

No-tilling reduces carbon dioxide loss from the soil to calm the concerns about global warming.
A large effort has been made in recent years by environmental agencies to make everyone concerned about the greenhouse effect and global warming. The world's consumption of fossil fuels to power vehicles, run factories and heat homes continues to reach record levels.
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Getting More Seasons Out Of Your 750

Minor adjustments to your John Deere 750 can ease the wear and tear and save you money in the long run.
Owning and operating Laux Farm Service has made Eric Laux a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to John Deere 750 no-till drills.
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Reap Bigger Soil Bonuses With No-Till

No-tilling over the long term in your operation will help you keep more soil in your fields and earn you much higher yields and net profits.
If you've only just begun to no-till, are discouraged by the results and are flirting with the idea of switching back to conventional tilling, you might want to consider a couple of factors before you make a rash decision.
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