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2nd Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study: Cover Crop Use Spreads for Strip-Tillers

Strip-till corn populations remain consistent, while soybean seeding rates decline and use of twin-row systems increases.

Timing, width and depth are all considerations strip-tillers take into account when building berms on their farm for seeding, the 2nd annual Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study found.

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2nd Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study: Sidedressing Nitrogen, Use of Variable-Rate Fertilization on the Rise

Banded placement of P and K below the berm and use of RTK-level accuracy remain cornerstones of successful strip-till operations.

For many strip-tillers, banding fertilizer is the primary benefit of the practice to apply critical nutrients where plant roots can readily access them when needed.

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2nd Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study: Acreage and Yields Increase for Strip-Tilled Corn and Soybeans

Farmers grew their total percentage of farm acres and average number of acres per farm being strip-tilled in 2014.

Strip-till remains a subset of more widely adopted conservation tillage practices, including no-till. According to the 7th Annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study published by No-Till Farmer earlier this year, about 7.7% of cropland acres were strip-tilled in 2014, compared to 76.5% in a no-till system.

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Ryan Groholske

2nd Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study: Improving Strip-Till Production with Precision Technology and Cover Crops

Ongoing adoption of cutting-edge practices and conservation-minded methods help boost strip-tilled corn and soybean yields.

Strip-tillers are no strangers to adaptation and, in many cases, their farming systems are predicated on a willingness to experiment and evolve.

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Finding the Precision Payback No Matter How Small the Farm

A modest investment in GPS and auto-steer technology can bring a substantial return on investment for smaller no-till operations, says a precision farming specialist.
The decision to spend several thousand dollars on cutting-edge precision farming technology is a calculated one for any no-tiller. But for the small-acre operator, getting a return on investment is especially critical to justify the expense.
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