Yetter Farm Equipment’s new Vertical Tillage Attachment (VTA) option for its Maverick strip-till products provides farmers more options.

Strip-tillers have used Yetter’s 2984 Maverick HR Plus in the fall to create, fertilize and seal strips, as well as manage residue, in one pass. The VTA coulters accelerate the creation of optimal planting conditions.

The VTA:

  • Replaces the knife on Yetter Maverick HR Plus.
  • Features two 18-inch, wavy-blade coulters spaced 6 inches apart.
  • Tills a 6- to-8-inch wide area and help warm the planting zone.
  • Can be used in the spring on no-till ground or to “freshen” fall strip-till berms.

Farmers can make a pass through the field with these Mavericks right before planting to gently stir the soil.

“These coulters are the same coulters Yetter uses on its popular 2982 series Vertical Tillage Attachment,” says Aaron Bush, a Yetter territory manager.

“They are designed to till a 6- to 8-inch area and help warm the planting zone," Bush says. "This is the type of tillage many producers are looking for in the spring when soil conditions are wet and cool.”

“This new VTA attachment option bolts directly to the shank of the Maverick in place of the knife. Simply unbolt the knife used in the fall and bolt on the VTA for the spring. This versatility creates one powerful tool that can be used during two seasons.

"The 2984 Maverick HR Plus is designed with parallel linkage, an adjustable front coulter, adjustable residue managers, and adjustable disc sealers. Other options include a rolling basket," Bush says.

The option to add this double-coulter setup to the Maverick HR Plus really makes it a one-size-fits-all tool and virtually guarantees a quick return-on-investment,” he says.