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Make The Right Moves To Boost No-till Planter, Drill Performance

How growers handle down pressure, weight, attachment selection and more plays a large part in determining no-till success, says ag engineer Paul Jasa.
If there’s a mistake to be made in no-till, Paul Jasa says he’s either made it himself or seen it done, and it’s clear that planting errors are high on the list of problems that can hurt no-till profitability.
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Cover Crop Pioneer Tweaks His Formula For Success

Switching to no-till and adding cover-crop mixes and finely tuned equipment helped Joe Swanson emerge from the farm crisis and find a new path to profitability.
By the time the farm crisis in the 1980s had abetted, and the oil crisis shortly thereafter, Joe Swanson was at a crossroads.
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Using Precision Tools to Drive No-Till Performance

Whether it’s planting, fertilizing or harvesting, Illinois growers Don and Dave Myers are implementing technology in every facet of their no-till operation to achieve greater yields and returns.
For Dave and Don Myers, measuring their progress in building a profitable no-till operation is a matter of inches — and measuring those inches.
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Succeeding at No-Till Without ‘Chasing Acres’

After nearly quitting on agriculture, Jonathan Cobb is rebuilding his family’s central Texas farm through no-till practices, intense cover-crop mixes and rotational grazing to amass ‘soil wealth.’
Less is proving more for Jonathan Cobb — fewer acres, lower expenses for equipment, fertilizers and herbicides and more hope about his future in farming.
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