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No-Tilling Into Living Grasses

Over the past 38 years, we've produced a handful of No-Till Farmer articles on no-tilling corn and other crops into a living cover, such as alfalfa sod, cereal rye or wheat. But it’s a tricky maneuver and one that has not caught on among many no-tillers.
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Don't Short-Sell Cover Crop Benefits

Fertilizing a cover crop tailored to meet your cropping strategy could provide the majority of your following cash crop's nutrient needs.
The more Jim Millar works with cover crops, the more credit he’s willing to give them — credit for soil building, nutrient recycling, water infiltration and the nitrogen credit for the following crop.
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Switchgrass-Based Ethanol Nets Major Energy Gain

Switchgrass grown for biofuel can produce 540% more energy than needed to grow, harvest and process into cellulosic ethanol, according to estimates from a large on-farm study conducted by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
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Determine Residue’s Value Now

When selling residue becomes an option, no-tillers will have to consider the residue needed for soil protection and the cost to replace lost nutrients.
Corn residue generates increasing interest as a source of value-added products, most notably ethanol. But before you begin to collect corn stover, it’s important to realize the value of leaving residue for your no-tilled ground. Collecting the stover might offer some no-tillers a great opportunity to pull additional income from their fields; but for others, the value of the residue is greater if it is left on the ground.
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