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Farmers Facing Two Types Of Compaction

Many no-till corn and soybean growers are harvesting record crops. However, they may be facing compaction issues because of saturated soils at harvest. "Many farmers will be unable to get back in their fields after harvest," said Randall Reeder, an Ohio State University Extension agricultural engineer. "Many fields have ruts and severe compaction issues."
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A Fertile Place For No-Till Tips

More than 850 no-tillers and industry experts gathered in Indianapolis to share the latest techniques for better fertility, improved soil biology, cover cropping management and more.
Subzero temperatures greeted attendees at the 17th annual National No-Tillage Conference in Indianapolis Jan. 14 to 17, making everyone glad for a reason to leave the chores behind, stay indoors and learn
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Wanted: No-Till Soil Samples

No-Till Farmer readers can be part of a unique research project that will lead to a FREE soil analysis and offer new insights into developing more valuable soil properties with no-till.
When three Ohio State University educators spoke about soil properties and structure at last winter’s National No-Tillage Conference, they asked attendees to help them take a closer look at the many changes occurring with less tillage.
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Handle Ruts, Compaction Wisely After Summer, Fall Downpours

Even established no-till fields could be damaged by traffic following the heavy rains that suddenly hit much of the Midwest, but ruts must be dealt with.
In many areas in the middle of the country, the dry summer suddenly turned extremely wet with widespread flooding, and even no-till fields were saturated and vulnerable to runoff problems.
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Enthusiastic No-Tillers Plunge Into 12th Annual NNTC

Nearly 700 no-till advocates learn from the experts and one another as ideas flow freely during the National No-Tillage Conference in Des Moines, Iowa.
For four days in early January, the focus of two very different worlds, both buzzing about the prospects of a more prosperous future, centered on the Marriott Hotel in downtown Des Moines, Iowa.
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Think About Controlling Traffic

If next spring’s planting season turns wet, Randall Reeder says no-tillers who use controlled traffic may be ahead of their neighbors. The Ohio State University agricultural engineer says it might let you no-till quicker despite wet conditions that normally delay planting.
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Will Automatic Steering Benefit No-Tillers?

It may be as much as a $50,000 question, but increased accuracy could definitely make it pay in some no-till operations.
While it depends on your own particular farming operation, automatic tractor steering systems that cost as much as $50,000 could pay off relatively quickly, says Randall Reeder, Extension agricultural engineer at Ohio State University.
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Don’t Rush Tillage Changes

If you or some of your neighbors are getting fed up with the results of no-tilling corn into cold and wet soils, take a close look at recent Ohio State University yield numbers before reaching any decision on changing tillage practices.
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