NEW LONDON, N.H. – Orange Photonics, a cannabis testing instrumentation provider, announced the release of LightLab 3, its next generation, portable, high-performance liquid chromatography-based analyzer. LightLab is designed for non-technical users in cannabis-specific testing applications.

Hemp growers and regulators struggle in the absence of real-time, accurate cannabinoid information — the very information that enables efficient operations, innovation and compliance. All that changes with LightLab 3, which can measure 11 cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, in hemp plants and products down to a detection threshold of 0.05 percent.

“The enhanced LightLab 3 platform delivers a level of resolution that was previously only obtainable with a high-end bench-top analyzer.” says Dylan Wilks, CTO of Orange Photonics. “The chromatographic resolution combined with sophisticated analytics means not only does LightLab match the accuracy of laboratory-based HPLC instruments, it can also measure just as many cannabinoids. Unlike a laboratory instrument, LightLab uses a simple sample prep and easy user interface which means a non-technical user can produce accurate cannabinoid measurements in a non-lab setting.”

In addition to seven standard cannabinoids and total Terpenes, LightLab’s optional, new, Minors Module measures CBN-A, CBC-A, CBC and Δ6a,10a-THC. Orange Photonics’ LightLab 3 is the only portable tester which can accurately quantify 11+ cannabinoids in 9 sample types. 

“With LightLab 3’s real-time cannabinoid content data and elevated performance, businesses can rapidly evaluate their product’s composition and market value and make evidence-based decisions,” says Stephanie McArdle, President of Orange Photonics.

LightLab’s intuitive touchscreen interface relays step-by-step instructions allowing users to accurately determine cannabinoid content in a plant or plant-derived product in under eleven minutes. Rugged and portable, LightLab weighs just 13.5 pounds and has an eight-hour battery life. Its hardened analytical components and accurate performance makes LightLab the go-to tool for on-site compliance testing and cannabinoid measurement.