NEW LONDON, N.H -- LightLab, by Orange Photonics, is the only portable, cannabis tester which can accurately determine the difference between hemp and adult use cannabis (marijuana) in a non-lab setting. LightLab Cannabis Analyzer is used by hundreds of regulators, law enforcement, and cultivators to accurately quantify THC content and other cannabinoids in cannabis plants and plant derived products.

"As the hemp industry evolves so must law enforcements' ability to identify legal cannabis," notes Detective Alex Poston, of the Shelby County Sheriff's Narcotics Division, which serves the greater Memphis Tennessee metropolitan area and surrounding rural communities. "LightLab's ability to conduct a quantitative test of suspect cannabis in a matter of minutes is a game changer. Officers now have the ability to differentiate hemp from marijuana with this mobile device."

The data the instrument helps law enforcement avoid confiscating hemp plants and products which comply with the Federal limit of .3%THC.

Designed for the non-technical user, LightLab Cannabis Analyzer combines liquid chromatography and spectroscopy, the same technology used in testing laboratories, to analyze up to eight Cannabinoids in wet or dry material, concentrates, and infused products. LightLab is used in mobile compliance applications by law enforcement, departments of agriculture, fish & wildlife. LightLab is also used for in-house quality control and research applications by cultivators, processors and colleges.

"The LightLab from Orange Photonics was my pick after extensive research and peer-based reviews. I have no formal education in science, so I needed something that I could learn to use fairly quickly, with a good price point," states Kara Youngblood, Compliance Manager for JKKY Farms. "It was important for me to have a tester that I could use to analyze the multiple strains we had planted throughout the seasons to determine which varieties had the best yield and grew best on our farm. LightLab makes it easy to keep an eye on our THC levels for state compliance purposes."

LightLab's intuitive touchscreen interface relays step-by-step instructions allowing non-technical users to accurately determine THC content in a plant or plant-derived product in just ten minutes. Rugged and portable, LightLab weighs just eleven pounds and has an eight-hour battery life. Its hardened analytical components and accurate performance makes LightLab the go-to tool for remote hemp compliance testing and cannabinoid measurement.

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