CLAAS' LEXION 6000 Series Straw Walker Combines offer an engineered mix of efficiency, precision and convenience that excels in crops like wheat, canola and grass seed — all in a reliable and easily-maintained package. With two new models to choose from, the LEXION Straw Walker Combines are designed to save time and make the job easier for farmers who want efficient separation without over threshing grain or damaging straw.

With the increased capacity of the LEXION 6900 and 6800, the machines provide up to 25% more throughput. The APS SYNFLOW WALKER threshing and separation system has the straightest crop flow in the industry and the only combine on the market with an accelerator drum for constant crop acceleration, efficient grain separation and gentle straw handling.

The CEMOS AUTOMATIC combine automation system makes autonomous and automatic real-time, in-field adjustments.

With the industry's fastest transport speed at 25 mph, the LEXION Combine not only gets operators through the field faster, but it also gets them to the next field faster. In-cab conversion capabilities make it simpler and faster to switch between crops when needed — reducing crop conversion time by more than 50%.

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