Ten additional herbicides, four additional insecticides and one additional fungicide from FMC have been approved by the EPA as tank-mix partners for Enlist Duo herbicide. Once these products are posted on the Enlist Duo herbicide website as approved tank-mix partners, they will be allowed for use with Enlist Duo herbicide when applied on Enlist cotton and Enlist E3 soybeans. FMC will provide an update once this final step has been completed.

FMC products having recently received EPA approval for tank mixing with Enlist Duo herbicide include:

  • Aim EC herbicide
  • Anthem Flex herbicide
  • Anthem Maxx herbicide
  • Authority Assist herbicide
  • Authority Maxx herbicide
  • Authority Supreme herbicide
  • Cadet herbicide
  • Marvel herbicide
  • Spartan 4F herbicide
  • Spartan Charge herbicide
  • Brigade 2EC insecticide/miticide
  • Hero insecticide
  • Mustang Maxx insecticide
  • Prevathon insect control
  • Topguard fungicide