On-farm soil enrichment practices can help combat climate change by rebuilding the organic matter in soil and restoring degraded soil biodiversity.

No-tillers have been using these techniques for decades by armoring soils with plant residues; reducing chemical and physical soil disturbance to protect soil biology; planting cover crops and adding rotational diversity; and incorporating livestock into their operation.

To test your knowledge about soil improvement, No-Till Farmer, with the support of Indigo Ag, created a 6-question quiz, “How Much Do You Know About Soil Enrichment Practices?" Scroll down or take the quiz here »

This quiz wasn’t created “just for fun,” but to act as an educational tool. After taking the quiz (which should take 3 minutes or less), you’ll see your score in addition to the answers to each question – whether you answered correct or incorrectly. We’ll email you a copy of your quiz results for reference. Additionally, you’ll also receive a FREE PDF of the new special report, “Insights into Using Soil Enrichment Practices on Your Farmdelivered via email.

This 19-page special report, is a practical, actionable reference to incorporating soil-building principles on your farm. It's simple, comprehensive and informative. Learn:

  • Why you should be careful to not over apply nitrogen
  • How adding livestock can accelerate the development of beneficial soil microbes
  • Why you should consider using the Haney test vs. a standard soil test
  • Tips for building carbon in the soil and improving nutrient cycling

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