Walterscheid Powertrain Group's Hydraulic Top Link with Integral Damping and Floating Position features an integrated and innovative hydraulic shock absorber. The hydraulic top link DS with integral damping is compatible with, and can serve as a substitute for, existing standard top links. When the attached implement is “bouncing around," the impact loads are isolated by the tractor. This shock absorbing capability enhances the outfit’s driving performance because contact between the front wheels and the ground is much improved. Among the positive consequences are enhanced safety in all driving situations, better grip and higher overall productivity.

In addition to providing a more comfortable ride, the components are subject to much less wear. The adopted design principle gives the attached implement an improved float capability. This is achieved by the vacuum that is generated in the cylinder. The implement can adopt a variety of tilt angles relative to the tractor’s longitudinal axis. It therefore adjusts exceptionally well to the changing contours of the ground.

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