Fendt IDEALdrive Joystick Steering System provides an unobstructed view of the combine's header, increasing the operator’s field of vision. Only brake pedals and foot pegs are in front of the operator providing a clear view of the center of the header where crop enters the feeder house. This wide-open view makes it easier to avoid obstacles, reducing the potential for machine damage.

The joystick is positioned comfortably on the left armrest at the operator’s fingertips. It responds precisely to gentle hand movements, with steering resistance and sensitivity adjusted based on machine speed. Controls typically found on the steering wheel or column are on the joystick for intuitive access. The joystick steering on IDEALdrive reduces the muscle activity required for steering and is easier on the operator’s wrists, forearms, shoulders and back for less operator stress and fatigue during long hours harvesting.

IDEALdrive is optional and can be ordered on Fendt IDEAL combines in mid-summer 2020 for 2021 delivery. Fendt IDEAL combines are backed by Gold Star Customer Care, including a 3-year full machine warranty, maintenance and 24-hour uptime assurance plan.

Learn more at www.Fendt.com/us.