Adding AutoTrac guidance to non-guidance-ready machine platforms is easier and less expensive with John Deere AutoTrac Controller 300. This universal after-market steering kit gives producers the benefits of integrated AutoTrac precision guidance with no impact on operator ergonomics and no steering wheel modifications.

The AutoTrac Controller 300 system is customizable to different types, ages and brands of ag machines with hydraulic steering from a single source and at least four wheels. John Deere AutoTrac Controller 300 is easy to setup, calibrate and maintain. It utilizes hydraulic and electrical components that provide quick guidance line acquisition.

AutoTrac Controller 300 is an economical solution for a variety of machines with single-point steering, including utility tractors, 2WD, 4WD and articulated configurations. It can be used on cabbed or open-station machines with front- or rear-wheel steering and is compatible with both open- and closed-center hydraulic systems.

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