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“If you can optimize the tire’s performance, you can optimize the machine’s performance. When you do that, you lower your cost and obviously increase your profits... Today, farming margins are tight, and producers who can increase efficiency will survive the tough years and still put money in their pockets…” – Ken Brodbeck

Depending upon cropping systems and climate every no-tiller has different concerns and equipment needs. But one thing everyone uses to one extent or another, is tires, and according to todays’ guests, those tires can have a big impact on soil compaction, yield, and operational profits.

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast series, we’re going to talk tires, and specifically, we’ll hear about central tire inflation systems (CTIS), which are becoming increasingly prevalent on today’s tractors and other heavy ag equipment. To introduce the subject, we welcome James Tuschner a consultant for the ag tire industry, and tire engineer Ken Brodbeck to discuss how central tire inflation systems can increase yields, improve fuel economy, and extend tire life.

Listen in as James and Ken talk about the physics and mechanics of central tire inflations systems, single vs. dual line systems, how a CTIS can increase yields by 4-6% and improve fuel economy by 10%, why proper tire inflation reduces soil compaction, how a CTIS can extend tire life by 20-40% and much more!







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