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Relay cropping delivers a tremendous increase in yields … When we terminate our cover crops and then come back to plant, I don’t think we’re getting the same benefit. It’s a beautiful thing when you can grow two crops at once…” – Jason Mauck

Gaston, Indiana, no-tiller Jason Mauck captures maximum sunlight and carbon using what he calls his Constant Canopy system of relay intercropping cash crops and cover crops and integrating manure on his 3,100 acre farm. He spoke National No-Tillage Conference in January of 2020.

For this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast series, we caught up with Jason by phone and he shared some details about how his ever-evolving system works and some of the experiments he’s been implementing to utilize the abundant manure generated by the 12,000 hogs in his operation. Listen in as he talks about how he captures more sunlight with 60-inch rows, growing interseeded corn at ultra-low populations, why plants benefit from being grown together, solving the manure distribution problem with biochar, the future of ag, including autonomous machines and ‘chicken tractors'; and much more!







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