Drift Reduction Technology Corporation, a newly formed company focusing exclusively on improving the safety and accuracy of how crop protection products are applied, introduces a unique spray boom section recirculation system, the SRV2 System.

The SRV2 System is easily retrofittable to any new or used field sprayer and is available as a complete kit relative to the number of spray boom sections.

The SRV2 valve installs at the inlet to each spray section. The section end caps, or flush valves, are eliminated and replaced with tuned flow 180-degree sweeps. Polyethylene lined hose is included to return the flow from the section ends to the SRV2 valve. The SRV2 maintains aggressive recirculation during application, when it is most needed. The SRV2 is also able to be cleaned in minutes, minimizing potential exposure to chemicals.

The precision design and production of this product is possible using materials and additive technology from Primary Manufacturing Inc., a South Dakota company.