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In this episode of the “No-Till Farmer Influencers & Innovators” podcast, brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, No-Till Farmer editor Frank Lessiter talks with Dr. Jonathan Lundgren, founder of Blue Dasher Farm and the Ecdysis Foundation.

“A frequent comment I hear is ‘All this regenerative stuff sounds great, but what’s it going to cost me to change?’ And I think the question is ‘What is it going to cost you not to change?’ It’s going to cost you your farm. It’s going to cost you your grandkids. What’s it worth not to change? We need to wake up.…” — Dr. Jonathan Lundgren

Listen in as Frank and Jonathan talk about no-till and the origins of the regenerative ag movement, the role livestock plays in a resilient farm, managing a farm without agrochemicals, the relationship between biodiversity and food nutrients, what’s at stake in converting — or not converting — to a regenerative mindset, and much more! 

P.S. There’s lots more great no-till stories and history in Frank Lessiter’s new book, From Maverick to Mainstream: A History of No-Till FarmingCheck it out here.







No-Till Influencers & Innovators podcast series is brought to you by Topcon Agriculture.

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