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“We've done enough testing to understand that when the principles of soil health are adopted, we're able to store significantly more carbon in the soil. And that's good, not only from the standpoint of climate change, but it's certainly good for farm and ranch profitability.…” – Gabe Brown, regenerative rancher, Bismarck, North Dakota

North Dakota no-tiller Gabe Brown is one of the pioneers of today’s regenerative ag movement. In the last couple of years, he wrote the book Dirt to Soil, in which he described his experience of adopting regenerative techniques on his farm, he was featured in the documentary Kiss the Ground, and he co-founded Understanding Ag and the Soil Health Academy. Brown travels extensively, consulting with farmers across the country on how they can be better stewards of the land and be more profitable while doing it.

On February 25, 2021, Brown testified before the House Agriculture Committee in Congress about regenerative ag practices where he talked about ways agriculture can be part of the climate solution.

Join us as Brown discusses that experience and shares his thoughts on how government programs could be designed to encourage farmers to adopt regenerative practices more easily rather than hinder their efforts, how regenerative ag can unlock biological functions in the soil, why he’s not advocating farmers sell their carbon credits – yet – and much more.   







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