Poettinger's Terrasem Universal Seed Drills can be economically incorporated into any operating sequence, regardless of whether they are deployed for mulch drilling, conventional drilling or even direct mulch drilling. On Terrasem mulch seed drills, soil preparation is taken care of by a two-gang disc harrow with smooth or scalloped discs. The maintenance-free, rubber-mounted 510 millimeter diameter discs loosen the soil across the entire working width. At seed level they leave behind an ideally structured layer of tilth.

The Terrasem is the only min-till seed drill that can drill directly behind the combine harvester (e.g. straight into stubble) and complete all the working steps required in a single pass. The first working step is carried out by the fully-fledged compact disc harrow with its highly effective disc geometry and disc angle. The second step is the consolidation of the loosened mixture of soil and straw. The large tire packer promotes the capillary effect to make sure the seeds are supplied with water during the germination stage. Then the seeds are sown into the consolidated soil. The seed is placed in the seed slot by a Dualdisc coulter mounted on a parallel linkage.

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