With Great Plains Hemp Disc, accurate seed singulation and seed spacing at a consistent planting depth can be achieved under a wide range of row spacings and seed populations. The five-cell hemp seed disc is designed specifically for low population seeding rates ranging from 2,000-5,000 seeds per acre and is capable of 98% seeding accuracy at planting speeds up to 6.0 mph on row spacings ranging from 20-60 inches. The 30-cell hemp seed disc can handle higher populations from 6,000 to 24,000 seeds per acre with 90% accuracy at speeds of 5.0 mph.

Available on all Great Plains Planters, the Air-Pro Meter provides excellent singulation and accuracy using a positive-air system that “dead drops” seed into the patented Clear-Shot Seed Tube to achieve uniform spacing. This process differs from competitive vacuum meters that often encounter an “early” or “late” release, resulting in inconsistent and uneven seed spacing. The positive air system is also very gentle, making it an ideal planting system for sensitive hemp seeds that are prone to cracking.

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