B2B Farm Management Software platform AgDNA releases advanced NDVI satellite functionality, giving farmers, agronomists and large ag equipment dealers access to some of the most advanced NDVI mapping tools commercially available. The innovative precision mapping tool adds to the suite of AgDNA FMS capabilities that cover all aspects of farm, fleet and financial management for large scale commercial crop producers. By integrating NDVI into the platform, users can now monitor crop health throughout the growing season and take corrective action to manage risk, lower input costs and maximize yield.

By utilizing composite Sentinel satellite imaging and advanced cloud detection technology, AgDNA can generate highly accurate vegetation health maps for all major crop types throughout the growing season. By highlighting issues within the field, growers and agronomists can save time and money by taking early action to protect crop yield in stressed regions. The imagery can be used to easily create management zones and variable rate prescriptions to ensure the optimal amount of chemical, fertilizer or growth regulator is applied depending on the health and stage of the crop.

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