FMC has issued a 2(ee) label for tar spot control in corn (field, seed and popcorn) for its new Lucento fungicide. Per the 2(ee) label, Lucento fungicide can be applied at the onset of the disease up through the R4 growth stage with a maximum of two applications per year. FMC recommends using the higher use rate and shorter interval when tar spot pressure is high and conditions are favorable for disease development. 

Geographically, the label allows Lucento fungicide to be used for tar spot control in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, which are expected to have the highest potential for tar spot development in 2019.

In addition to Lucento fungicide, FMC issued earlier in 2019 a 2(ee) label for Topguard EQ fungicide for tar spot control in corn (field, seed and popcorn) for the same states as Lucento fungicide. The 2(ee) expiration date for Topguard EQ fungicide is June 30, 2023.