Deutz-Fahr 6 Series Utility Tractors 6130 and 6140 feature 126 and 136 engine horsepower, respectively. Multiple variants include a choice of power shift or TTV (CVT) transmission, selection of cabin and control layout and the availability of a front end loader. Each 6 Series model features the latest generation of FARMotion engines. These 3.8 liter, 4-cylinder engines offer exceptional performance while consuming less fuel and emitting less harmful emissions than ever before.

A long piston stroke coupled with turbocharging and intercooling generates high, sustained torque across a large rpm range to pull through tough working conditions. Electronic engine management and high pressure common rail direct fuel injection ensure a powerful, efficient combustion cycle and more complete fuel burn.

The 6 Series models are available with a manual 5-speed main gear box with 3 power shift gears for shift-under-load operation. 6130 models offer two ranges to complete a 30 x 30 transmission, while the 6140 model has four ranges (including creeper) to create a 60 x 60 transmission. For both transmission variants, the electro-hydraulic power shuttle with modulation control allows direction changes without torque disruption.

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