Sunflower from AGCO Corp. is entering the strip-till field with its new 7600 Series strip-till system.

Available in both eight- and 12-row models, the machines feature a 7-inch by 7 3/8-inch wall toolbar designed with a 10-inch range of vertical travel, adjustable dual down-pressure springs and shearbolt protected shank assemblies. The system effectively manages residue and subsoil compaction and is designed to create an exceptional fertilizer and planting zone.

Sunflower Strip-Till Rig"Sunflower has been a leader in tillage equipment for many years, and the new 7600 Series strip-till system delivers quality and durability," says Tom Draper, product marketing manager for tillage equipment. "The 7600 Series features a simple design, solid construction and nearly unlimited adjustability to match each farm's unique field conditions and create an ideal seedbed."

Large 24-inch coulter blades and adjustable dual-function scrapers feature depth bands to open the soil at a controlled depth. Steel-fingered row cleaner assemblies move residue away from the row just ahead of the shank.

Knife shank options – for liquid, dry or anhydrous – are available to match any applied fertilizer product. The popular NH3 knife shank features a 15-degree mole point to shatter subsoil hardpan and create the perfect fertilizer zone. Point depth ranges from 4 to 10 inches and is adjustable in 2-inch increments.

Berm blades are fully adjustable with 4 inches of vertical adjustment and angle adjustments of up to 10 degrees. In addition, the berm blades are mounted close to the shank, ensuring the containment of soil flow from the shank, maximizing berm construction.

The spring-loaded, 12-inch diameter berm reels are mounted on 1-inch arbor with triple-lipped greaseable bearings.

Two folding-frame styles of the 3-point mounted machines are offered, including a narrow-transport toolbar with 150-degree fold appropriate for GPS-equipped operations; and the 95-degree folding toolbar for use with (optional) hydraulic row markers.

The machine's simple design translates to fewer service points, which increases ease of service. Heavy-duty construction enhances machine life.