AGCO's WP9924VE is a large-frame planter on factory-installed tracks. It meets the needs of large-acre producers who want to go to the field earlier and accurately plant more acres per day while minimizing yield-robbing compaction in both conventional and no-till fields. This 24 row, 30 inch planter has a 150 bushel, dual tank, central-fill system that allows planting of approximately 300 acres before a refill is needed.

It rides on a track system, which is 67 inches long and available in 25 or 30 inch widths. This extra flotation helps producers get into the field earlier for planting. It is field-ready from the factory with proven and reliable vSet meters, vDrive electronic drive and 20|20 monitoring from Precision Planting. The SpeedTube, when combined with the vSet meter, consistently delivers 99+% accurate seed placement of corn at speeds nearly double traditional operating speeds. SpeedTube and DeltaForce automated downforce are available as factory-installed options.

The WP9924VE may be equipped to fit the needs of nearly any production system.

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