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In this introductory episode of of our brand-new No-Till Farmer “Influencers & Innovations” podcast, Founder and editor of No-Till Farmer, Frank Lessiter explains the scope and intent of this podcast series and talks about why no-till is still as important today as it was 45 years ago.

In this series, Frank will share stories about the history of no-till. For example, he’ll talk about the early adopters of no-till; no-till failures and myths; the farm crisis of the 1980s and no-till as a solution; the 1990s and how shortline manufacturers got behind no-till; recent innovations; developments in equipment and machinery; the growth of cover cropping, companion cropping and interseeding; the use of GPS and guidance systems, and more.

Tune in every other week to the No-Till Farmer "Influencers & Innovations” podcast to get intimate stories from Frank Lessiter on the origins of no-till farming, sustainability and other regenerative agriculture concepts. Plus, Frank answers reader questions about the magazine, the National No-Tillage Conference, and no-till history.

Interested in more no-till history? You’ll find great stories like these and many more in Frank Lessiter’s new book, From Maverick to Mainstream: A History of No-Till Farming.







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