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For this first “official” episode of the all-new “No-Till Farmer Influencers & Innovations” podcast, brought to you courtesy of Ingersoll & Agrisolutions, Mike Lessiter interviews his dad, Frank Lessiter, on the roots of no-till and conservation tillage farming, and delves into how Frank came to be at the heart of it all as the founding editor of No-Till Farmer back in 1972, through today. 

In this episode, Frank discusses the early days, when no-till farming caught on among farmers who were innovators and were willing to try new things. He talks about the very first issue of No-Till Farmer and some of the lessons he’s learned over the years about his subscribers’ expectations. He even talks about the Plowboy Pete and No-Till Ned and how a caption-writing contest went awry. Plus, Frank answers a listener email about early milestones that made no-till work.

P.S. Interested in no-till history? You’ll find great stories like these and many more in Frank Lessiter’s new book, From Maverick to Mainstream: A History of No-Till Farming.







No-Till Farmer‘s No-Till Influencers & Innovators Podcast podcast is brought to you by Ingersoll Tillage.

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