The Case IH 250 Series Axial-Flow Combines feature optional AFS Harvest Command combine automation system. Designed to optimize grain quality and grain savings, the 250 Series Combines feature 2-speed electric shift ground drive, adjustable rotor cage vanes and an improved feeder house design. Plus, AFS Harvest Command automation simplifies harvesting by sensing and optimizing machine settings — regardless of operator skill level.

Optional in-cab adjustable rotor cage vanes eliminate the need to manually remove bolts and pivot the cage vanes. The standard feature includes a gang of cage vanes that are manually adjustable with an easy turnbuckle. A redesigned feeder house improves durability and reliability in demanding crop conditions. An optional feeder fore/aft faceplate control enables adjustments to be made from the cab. A redesigned feeder top shaft drive coupler features a crown spline design for greatly improved durability. The self-leveling cleaning system allows the 250 Series to clean the grain and move it efficiently — even as the combine undulates across hills — to help save more grain and maintain harvesting ground speeds. The system includes an in-cab adjustable pre-sieve that allows the operator to make adjustments on-the-go to maximize grain quality.

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