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Midwest Bio-Tech’s Chandler Biocat 1000

Chandler Biocat 1000 is a nontoxic liquid that multiplies decay organisms in the soil. The product accelerates the decay of corn stalks and other crop residue to release valuable nutrients, control weeds and volunteer corn, and discourage residue-borne insects and diseases. In a recent on-farm trial, corn-on-corn plots treated with Biocat 1000 had 53% more biological activity than untreated plots. The enhanced decay activity also generated over four times more available nitrogen and soluble carbon to feed the growing crop, and the treated plots averaged 5 bushels per acre more corn. Biocat 1000 may be applied in a tankmix with liquid fertilizers or pesticides.

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GarrCo Products’ Digest™ Biological Stubble Digester

GarrCo Products’ Digest™ contains extremely high counts of dozens of different strains of naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms that significantly speed up the biological breakdown of cellulose and lignin. Digest™ provides a dual source of bacteria, with the majority of bacteria designed for the digestion and subsequent breakdown of dead plant material. The balance includes nitrogen (N)-fixing bacteria that produce N as a food source for the bacteria that digest the residue. Stubble digestion allows nutrients tied up in crop residue to be released for the next crop.

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GarrCo Products’ Stimulate™ Diverse Microbial System

With dozens of strains of beneficial microorganisms, GarrCo Products’ Stimulate™ is a highly concentrated natural blend of aerobic (oxygen loving), faculative (can adapt in low or no oxygen conditions) beneficial bacteria and fungi. Stimulate™ contains a wide range of microbes — some that convert inorganic sources of plant nutrients to available forms and others that non-symbiotically fix atmospheric nitrogen. Stimulate™ also contains plant-hormone, growth-stimulating microbes, as well as microbes that form amino acids and proteins to feed plant shoots and roots.

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