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AgroLiquid’s PrimAgro™ Family of Products

The PrimAgro line of nutrients allows farmers to realize the benefits of AgroLiquid nutrients, biologicals, clean water-soluble carbons and biostimulants, simply and economically. PrimAgro N™ is a fast-acting 30% nitrogen fertilizer containing sulfur. It is stabilized through proprietary Flavonol Polymer Technology that reduces losses from leaching or volatility. PrimAgro P™ is enriched with colonizing populations of phosphorus-oxidizing microbes, delivering both ortho- and carbon-protected polymer phosphate and providing available phosphorus throughout the growing season. PrimAgro K™ is an advanced, high-efficiency potassium solution containing sulfur. The PrimAgro technology in K deploys targeted microbe populations that decompose organic matter in the root zone.

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AgroLiquid’s Pro-Germinator®

The combination of ortho- and polyphosphates, along with Flavonol Polymer Technology, allows Pro-Germinator® to provide more nutritional performance per gallon than conventional fertilizers. That results in excellent crop nutrition at lower application rates than other P2O5 products. When applied at recommended rates, Pro-Germinator is cost-effective on a per acre basis. Pro-Germinator should be the backbone of all crop fertility programs, potentially providing the greatest return on phosphorus investment. The quality and composition of Pro-Germinator allows placement directly into the root zone with little risk of tissue damage, giving Pro-Germinator greater efficacy and more application flexibility.

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AgroLiquid’s Potassium Lineup

Sure-K® is a clean, chloride- and hydroxide-free potassium solution. Sure-K’s unique formula provides increased crop utilization, allowing lower total product application volume to produce the same results as other conventional potassium fertility products applied at typical rates.

Kalibrate® was developed as a full-season, planter-time liquid potassium source, but also brings the equivalent of two units of sulfur per gallon to help balance the nutrient program for the crop. Both Sure-K and Kalibrate have superior application compatibility and can be partnered with all AgroLiquid products, as well as many other industry compounds at-plant or other times during the growing season.


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AgroLiquid’s microLink® Family of Products

AgroLiquid’s microLink® nutrients include secondary and micronutrient families. microLink can be specifically prescribed and adapted to virtually any management practice and can be economically added to a planter-time fertilizer program to prevent yield-robbing deficiencies. microLink also includes Micro 500™, a precision-balanced, synergistic combination of five essential micronutrients: zinc, manganese, iron, copper and boron. Micro 500™ should be considered when a specific micronutrient deficiency has not been established. Micro 500 can be applied with versatile planter placement options, as a sidedress, foliar or through fertigation. It can be used as an additive in any fertilizer application method.

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Chandler Dry Seed Treat

Increase your corn yields by up to 7 bushels per acre with Chandler Dry Seed Treat. Chandler Dry Seed Treat is a talc-like powder that is applied directly on the seed at planting time. At only $1 per acre, Chandler Dry Seed Treat gets results and payback fast. See 1-2 days faster emergence with up to 40% higher plant sugar levels, plus a higher germination rate for reduced seed costs. Produce plants with deeper root systems for less lodging, increased nutrient and water uptake and less susceptibility to drought, insects and diseases like Goss’s wilt.

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Sure Crop Z/Micro

Sure Crop Z/Micro is a concentration of fermented nutrients to help stimulate germination and improve nutrient uptake. Z/Micro helps crops obtain their genetic potential, while activating beneficial soil microorganisims and providing better nitrogen utilization. Z/Micro minimizes glyphosate damage and increases root mass and rhizosphere microbials. Improves crop vigor and soil tilth while decomposing crop residues from the previous year’s crop. Z/Micro can help increase yields, improve test weights and increase feed market value.

More nodulation = more nitrogen.
More roots = more nutrient uptake.
More microbes = more available nutrients.
Less crop disease = greater crop yields.

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The Andersons PureGrade® Liquid Fertilizer

PureGrade® low-salt starters such as Season Pass® with AVAIL®, Diamond and GoldStart® liquid fertilizers are field proven, trouble-free and seed safe. When placed near the seed, essential nutrients go to work immediately, powering young seedlings toward maximum production. The Andersons offers three base grades for low-salt starters: Diamond, GoldStart and Premium. These grades provide varying orthophosphate content, allowing growers to choose the product that best fits their fertility and investment needs. PureGrade foliar fertilizers, such as OverPass® liquid fertilizer, should be applied prior to stressful physiological plant stages for strong, healthy crops.

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The Andersons MicroSolutions® Micronutrients

MicroSolutions® micronutrients from The Andersons is a versatile line of liquid micronutrients and micronutrient blends designed to efficiently correct nutrient deficiencies during various growth and reproductive stages. The MicroSolutions line offers growers the flexibility to apply fully or partially chelated micronutrients, as well as ammoniated and water-soluble micronutrients. MicroSolutions are compatible with different types of fertilizers, many herbicides and insecticides. These high-efficiency products are versatile, easy to handle and offer superior uptake.

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TerraNu Nutrient Technology™ from Midwestern BioAg

TerraNu Nutrient Technology™ combines an active carbon base with essential nutrients for targeted fertility that feeds soil biology — delivering the essential nutrients your plants need for optimal health and maximum performance. Our unique, state-of-the-art manufacturing process produces a consistent, uniform active-carbon granule — each granule delivers a guaranteed fertility analysis, providing better root interception and uptake, as well as more efficient nutrient use. TerraNu Nutrient Technology provides enhanced and targeted nutrition that makes your standard fertility program work harder and more efficiently, helping your plants achieve maximum performance throughout the season.

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iNvigorate® from Agrinos

iNvigorate® from Agrinos is a soil-applied proprietary liquid solution that promotes a highly productive microbial system in the soil to support plant health and yield. iNvigorate contains a robust consortium of aerobic and anaerobic microbial strains and promotes the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with promoting a healthy soil microbial community. The results are increased nutrient availability, better fertilizer utilization, stronger root growth and increased yields. iNvigorate also produces improved crop quality across varying soil conditions and is proven effective when used on corn, soybeans, wheat, potatoes, onions and a wide range of other specialty crops.

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