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Black Earth's ACTIV80 HP

Black Earth’s new ACTIV80 HP is a urea-compatible and blendable humic acid prill that will stimulate your soil microbiology, improve water retention and boost yields. The nutrient retention characteristics of humic acid will pay dividends in your agronomy program. The dust-free and easy-to-handle prill makes incorporating humates into your granular fertility program simple. With over 80% humic acid content, plus a broad spectrum of complexed micronutrients, ACTIV80 HP is the most cost-effective way to add available carbon, trace nutrients and humic acid in your furrow. Contact your local distributor to learn about our spring rebate program.

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AgriEnergy Resources' SP-1™ Liquid Biological

SP-1™ is a liquid biological blend that supplies beneficial soil organisms to help support the growth of microbial life. Biological benefits for soil and plants include:

  • Darkening soils — Boosting biological activity helps residues decompose into usable nutrients, forming stable humus which boosts your CEC and water-holding capacity.
  • Tilth — Soil becomes more friable, creating a better seedbed and reducing compaction.
  • Active rhizosphere — Adding rhizobacteria makes use of root exudates from cover crops or cash crops, aiding soil structure and nutrient availability. 
  • Weatherproofing — A healthy soil buffers weather extremes. Soil drains excess water faster and holds moisture during dry spells.

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Groundwork BioAg's Rootella™ Mycorrhizal Inoculants

Based on highly effective, natural mycorrhizal fungi, Rootella™ inoculants significantly increase crop yields, especially under stress conditions. The microscopic fungi latch onto plant roots and effectively extend them in an underground web. They physically access nutrients that are out of roots’ reach and chemically break down unavailable, bound nutrients, especially phosphorus. Rootella™ products are highly effective, concentrated and vigorous, providing the following benefits:

  • Significant crop yield increase
  • Fertilizer savings (especially phosphorus)
  • Resilience to stress (e.g. drought, salinity, acidity)
  • Eco-friendly

Rootella™ product formulations are suited for various application methods, including seed treatment, in-furrow, planter box, media mixing, dusting and spraying.

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Midwest Bio-Tech's Chandler Biocat 1000

Chandler Biocat 1000 is a nontoxic liquid that multiplies decay organisms in the soil. The product accelerates the decay of corn stalks and other crop residue to release valuable nutrients, control weeds and volunteer corn, and discourage residue-borne insects and diseases. In a recent on-farm trial, corn-on-corn plots treated with Biocat 1000 had 53% more biological activity than untreated plots. The enhanced decay activity also generated over four times more available nitrogen and soluble carbon to feed the growing crop, and the treated plots averaged 5 bushels per acre more corn. Biocat 1000 may be applied in a tankmix with liquid fertilizers or pesticides.

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Biofeed Solutions' SOIL-PLUS™

Biofeed products were developed over 30 years ago to naturally soften tough soils! SOIL-PLUS™ is a concentrated plant and soil additive that feeds and stimulates the growth of beneficial aerobic soil microbes. These work to promote polysaccharide production, which builds better soil structure and reduces compaction. SOIL-PLUS™ improves the oxygen content of the soil and root zone. SOIL-PLUS™ also contains complex organic acids, which chelate and dissolve insoluble soil minerals to enhance plant uptake and neutralize sodium to reduce toxicity and help leach it out of the root zone. With Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT), Biofeed builds better soil! Manufactured in the USA.

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Biofeed Solutions' CROP™

Biofeed products were developed over 30 years ago to naturally soften tough soils and boost crop production! CROP™ is an organic-based foliar blend that is formulated for use on all agricultural crops. It contains a high-phosphate nutrient blend in a base of Amino-Carbon Technology (ACT). This vital bio-complex delivers these nutrient elements through the leaf stomata and the plant's cell wall to promote dynamic bud formation and setting, as well as earlier root, crown and tiller development. Please visit our website for more information. Biofeed builds better soil! Manufactured in the USA.

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