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Soil First® Premium Cover Crop Seed from La Crosse Seed

Soil First® premium cover crop seed is not only a product line, it’s a total approach to managing soil health. We’ve carefully researched and selected a family of quality products that link sound agronomics to practical solutions. Combining advice on what to plant and how to manage it — from establishment to removal strategies — the Soil First family works hard to make sure cover crops work for your operation. The portfolio includes proprietary mixes with distinct attributes for both first-time and experienced adopters, plus a proprietary lineup of grasses, legumes and brassicas proven to deliver results.

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Field Guard® Cover Crop Seed Mixtures from Pennington Seed

Held to the same standard as Pennington’s other forage, wildlife, lawn and garden products, the quality of seed found in Field Guard® cover crop products is second to none. Our lineup offers Pennington-only varieties of small grains, legumes, brassicas and other commodity species to achieve your soil health goals. Pennington’s university-tested and farmer-proven varieties offer benefits and characteristics for cover crop use. Please see our dealer map on our website or give us a call to find a dealer near you.

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Bio Till Cover Crop Seed from Saddle Butte Ag Inc.

Your soil is your greatest asset; take care of it — it will take care of you!

Bio Till Cover Crop Seed. Pricing available now.

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ProHarvest Seeds

ProHarvest believes that part of the success of cover crops includes high-quality, weed-free seed to maximize the results from the use of cover crops. ProHarvest Seeds is your source for your cutting-edge cover crop needs. As growers, we know that we cannot control weather or prices. However, we can be proactive with a cover crop plan. Over time, a well-developed strategy can erase the stubborn yield limitations of our land. Let’s talk about your farm and your specific needs. Taking ideas and turning them into practical solutions is not only what we do, it is who we are.

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