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Bio Till Cover Crop Seeds from Saddle Butte Ag Inc.

Bio Till Cover Crops have consistently been at the forefront of the cover crop market, and our ‘family’ of professional sales staff remain committed to helping you achieve higher returns through more productive soils. Bio Till, the original producers of Bounty Annual Ryegrass, continue to add new and improved cover crop and forage varieties such as Enricher Radish, Bayou Kale, Shield Broadleaf Mustard, African Forage Cabbage and Mihi Persian Clover. With over 30 years of experience in production, processing, packaging and shipping: our customers can be assured of the highest quality of seed possible.

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Soil First® Premium Cover Crop Seed from La Crosse Seed

Soil First® premium cover crop seed is not only a product line, it’s a total approach to managing soil health. We’ve carefully researched and selected a family of quality products that link sound agronomics to practical solutions. Combining advice on what to plant and how to manage it — from establishment to removal strategies — the Soil First family works hard to make sure cover crops work for your operation. The portfolio includes proprietary mixes with distinct attributes for both first-time and experienced adopters, plus a proprietary lineup of grasses, legumes and brassicas proven to deliver results.

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Green Cover Seed

At Green Cover Seed, our mission is to help farmers and ranchers regenerate God’s creation for future generations. We believe in the importance of soil health and advocate for diverse rotations, minimum soil disturbance, maximum ground cover and living roots. To help you achieve this, we carry over 120 species of cover crops and have the experience and knowledge needed to best use them in diverse mixes to meet your specific needs. Our SMARTmix™ Calculator allows you to design your own custom mix based on your goals, plant date and location while giving an exact cost for each mix.

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