Building on its SeedCommand line of planting products, Ag Leader has introduced SureForce, a bidirectional hydraulic down force system with hydraulic uplift. Weight on the gauge wheels of every row is sensed 200 times per second, and force is automatically adjusted up or down to maintain consistent depth in changing soil conditions.

SureForce also provides additional force capacity for planting into tough environments like no-till, cover crops or heavily compacted soils. Additionally, the system provides integrated hydraulic uplift for planting into light soils when the weight of the row unit alone is more force than needed to plant at optimum depth.

“Our customers and dealers have seen the clear agronomic payback of adding down force technology to their planter, which led to the desire to evolve our offering further,” said Bob Heston, Ag Leader product manager.

SureForce is designed to integrate seamlessly with SureDrive, Ag Leader’s electric drive solution, both of which are controlled by the InCommand 1200 display.