Precision Laboratories introduces Intact Advanced for the 2018 crop season to provide growers and applicators additional convenience and confidence with on-target application. Intact Advanced is approved for tankmixing with XtendiMax and Engenia herbicides.

Intact Advanced is the next generation of proven plant-based polymer technology that enhances drift control while conditioning hard water without the use of AMS for a wide range of crop protection products. This technology helps ensure more droplets are retained on the target leaf surface for improved coverage, uptake and herbicide performance. When used with proper nozzles and spray conditions, wind-tunnel studies indicate Intact Advanced further reduces driftable fines that may be produced during application(s).

Jim Reiss, Vice President of Product Development for Precision says, “Intact Advanced represents the next generation of formulation progress in Total Spray Droplet Management. Intact Advanced is the first guar-based adjuvant designed for dicamba-based products that includes a water conditioning component. Intact Advanced delivers on the promise of managing critical performance factors in the spray solution, through the air and on the target.”

When used with dicamba-based herbicides, Intact Advanced can provide the following additional advantages:

  • A complete premix for ease in handling and application.
  • Unique AMS-replacement technology blocks antagonistic hard water ions that reduce herbicide performance.
  • Advanced, guar-based droplet management technology that complements selected drift-reduction nozzles to help further reduce driftable spray fines during application(s).
  • Helps protect spray droplets from premature evaporation during flight from the nozzle tip.
  • Helps ensure the recommended ultra-coarse-sized droplets are retained on leaves of target weeds.
  • Won’t spike dicamba volatility.