Grayhill's CANbus controls give operators access to a greater number of functionalities in a smaller footprint. With many available standard form factors and three standard legend sets, the Grayhill CANbus keypads and MMI Controllers are made to be customized. Designers can change legends, backlight LED indicator color and button configurations. CANbus keypads and MMI Controllers feature a lower profile that protrudes from the panel only about half the distance as the original versions. A snap fit feature means the keypad and MMI Controllers can be easily snapped into the panel cutout.

Safety Diagnostic Functions actively report the status of Incoming Power and the functionality of Buttons/LED indicators. The low power sleep mode saves energy, reducing the possibility of draining the battery. LED indicators are now raised above the buttons, giving users a much clearer image and excellent off-angle visibility. In addition to expanding the number of sizes available, Grayhill also expanded integration options by adding input/output (I/O) pins that can be controlled by the CANbus interface for door lights, heat sensors and other analog outputs.

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