Yetter Farm Equipment’s 2966-002 Residue Manager for John Deere 60/90 Series openers is now available with air-cylinder control. The key innovation on the new openers is the 2-by-4.5-inch-stroke stroke cylinder controlled by the 2940 Air Adjust In-Cab Controller, which allows growers to adjust the up and down pressure of the floating residue manager from the tractor seat.

“This residue management tool helps producers get over hurdles they face during seeding, such as residue hairpinning, inconsistent seed depth and placement and lack of seed-to-soil contact,” says Yetter territory manager Andy Thompson.

The new model mounts to the arm of John Deere 60/90 Series openers. The Air Adjust Pneumatic Controller and Compressor Kit then mounts to the air seeder, helping the floating residue manager as it follows the soil terrain. Up and down pressure can be adjusted using the in-cab controller or Isobus screen. The unit can also be raised or lowered with the push of a button in wet areas or when the row cleaner is not needed for seeding.

The single-wheel design uses the Yetter Sharktooth wheel to move residue in front of the disc opener, allowing soil to warm up more quickly. This leads to a reduced seeding population and improved emergence.