K-B Agritech announces that its Pattern Master spray system will be available immediately through Roundup Ready Plus Crop Management Solutions. Growers purchasing the Pattern Master system will save $1,400 for a typical 120-foot boom with nozzles spaced on 20 inches. The program runs through Aug. 31, 2018.

Custom applicators and growers using the Pattern Master system will benefit from reduced particle drift and increase in the amount of spray on intended targets. The driftable fines subject to off-target movement are kept under the boom longer, intended to improve the odds of hitting desired vegetation.

Pattern Master spray systems are designed to work with all sprayers including pull-types and self-propelled units. They are designed to work with all single-orifice nozzles, including the TTI with 15-degree offset. Spring-loaded spoilers are included for the breakaway sections in case of a ground strike.

Most sprayers can be retrofitted with Pattern Master kits in 3-4 hours with a wrench and ratchet. Each kit comes with required stainless-steel hardware.