Organisan Corp. has launched full production of Nemasan, an EPA-registered nematicide that can both be applied during all phases of the growing cycle and assist farmers in treating nematode outbreaks without using any special spray protocol, respirator or personal protective equipment (PPE).

The company says that Nemasan’s benefits include year-round application, it’s naturally made, can be used safely with other agricultural products and it reduces application costs due to its natural ingredients.

According to recent data, nematodes cause approximately $10 billion worth of damage for farmers worldwide. Nematodes are small microscopic roundworms that inhabit the soil and have a large effect on the growth and successful production of many crops. They cause damage by feeding on the roots of susceptible crops, which hurts yields by stunting growth and inhibiting water and nutrient uptake.

“Nemasan is changing the industry in big ways, especially the treatment protocols growers are now able to implement” says Mark Nichols, founding member and vice-president of marketing and sales for Organisan. “Growers have sought a year-round nematicide for decades, and we’re extremely proud to be the first to bring an approved product to the marketplace.”

While most nematicides are applied prior to the growing season under very controlled environmental and strict worker safety regulations, such as mandatory PPE, Nemasan can be applied to crops at any time, at any interval, over the growing season without the need for any special PPEs, the company said.

Tom Wood, a contract applicator in Idaho with more than 25 years-experience in spraying nematicides, was an early applicator of Nemasan.

“The Nemasan product means a world of difference for me and my growers,” said Wood.  “It’s the first time that we’ve been able to spray in response to hot spots at the first sign or at the highest peak of outbreak. This is having a huge positive financial impact for us.  The earlier we can spray and contain the damage, the better it is for the entire field. I’ve been farming and spraying chemicals my entire career and this is the first product that works and doesn’t require all that hot and expensive protection equipment.” 

The product also consists of a special formulation of ingredients not currently utilized in current nematicides. All constituents of Nemasan are either food additives or used in food preparation for humans and animals, while most competitors use synthetics, meaning that there can be absolutely no human contact with them.

“Growers typically have to monitor closely what other products they use with their nematicides,” Nichols added. “Nemasan is the only product that can be used in conjunction with any other agricultural component and can be applied at any time. And, we’re able to accomplish this while the grower experiences up to a 5-fold decrease in the cost per acre.”