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Time and time again, no-tillers have proven that they have a genuine interest on what’s going on below the field surface.

Where some farmers call the ground they farm “dirt,” almost as if it’s something negative and a hindrance to their farming efforts, no-tillers call it “soil” and genuinely and properly look at that ground as life.

The soil health leader for the National Resources Conservation Service, Jennifer Moore-Kucera can attest to the fact that the soil is very much alive with life.

An acre of healthy soil may hold up to 27,000 pounds of microbial organisms and other living critters like earthworms and protozoa.

How important are they? They’re the drivers of nutrient cycling, they protect plants from pathogens and stress, they enhance and stimulate plant growth and they detoxify pollutants. Jennifer explains some of the things that no-tillers can do to help that life underfoot thrive.

Today in our No-Till Farmer podcast, Jennifer explains just how much life is underfoot and offers her thoughts on how no-tillers can help manage that life in the soil so that it benefits crop production and helps sustain our very lives.







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