New from HFL Fabricating is its TP800S series toolbar, designed for multiple uses including interseeding, sidedressing, strip tilling and seed drilling. Models are available in widths from 10 to 40 feet.

The TP800S series toolbar can be configured in different ways to accomplish different tasks. It comes standard with front and rear three-point hitch systems enabling hook up from both the front and the rear of the machine. Whether it is a simple hitch for towing a wagon to a rear lift assist, all can be accomplished by simply hooking up via the rear three-point hitch system.

The toolbar has been used to sidedress corn, interseed cover crops in standing corn, strip till and even plant small grains and soybeans. Its rear tank mount can hold either a dry or liquid tank, which for example can be used for side dressing Urea or 28% solution. The tank also allows for the transfer of weight to the toolbar. The unit’s front hitch system can also hold a dry Valmar tank. With these options, a grower can accomplish multiple tasks in one pass through the field, the company said.